As the first South African female reporter to oversummer in Antarctica, I work at the leading edge of covering the issues shaping Far South — and North.

Spanning two decades, my polar reporting has appeared in multiple international publications, including PBS, Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet, the American Polar Society’s Polar Times, the Lonely Planet Guide to Antarctica, the Sunday Times and more.

My field assignments have helped to animate life at both poles. This work includes:

  • In 2022, my polar investigative series has shown that Russia is scouring Antarctica for fossil fuels despite a 1998 mining ban. Published by PBS and Daily Maverick.
  • No more Mr Ice Guy – China accused of striking down penguin protections.
  • The moment in January 2021 when Russian LNG vessels crossed paths on the Arctic’s Northern Sea Route for the first time in winter without icebreakers.
  • I have spent three months at South Africa’s Antarctic station and visited Norway’s Troll station in the Antarctic hinterland; reported on extremophiles from polar mountain tops; joined defence force personnel on a 400km cargo haul; and sailed the Southern Ocean to cover news/science events.

In the words of polar law expert Donald Rothwell, ‘The issues playing out in front of us in the Arctic must — subject to challenges like available markets — come home to roost in the Southern Ocean.’

Whether on Earth or in the outer realms, the human story is deeply embedded in the poles, as my reporting on global change, the climate crisis, the natural sciences and space sciences helps to show. Browse my latest features for more.

Battleground Antarctica II: Despite mining ban, Russia scours Antarctica for massive fossil fuel deposits

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit

Potential exploitation of Antarctic mineral resources appears to be hardwired into Russia’s current natural resources action plan. Source: Daily Maverick

The Kremlin’s mineral explorer says it has found a stunning 500 billion barrels of oil and gas below the Southern Ocean’s climate-threatened waters. Tapping these mooted reserves would not only hamper global efforts to fight the climate crisis. Known for flouting major agreements, a defiant Russia in the Antarctic could destroy the decades-long protected status of Earth’s last unmined frontier. Read the full story

Battleground Antarctica I: Using Cape Town as launchpad, Russia boasts of supergiant oil fields in Antarctic wilderness

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit

There are 500 billion barrels of Southern Ocean oil and gas, says Russian geological exploration holding company Rosgeo. Source: Daily Maverick

As Antarctic Treaty nations release the Paris Declaration, a new climate manifesto, Daily Maverick can reveal this international investigation: Russia has combed the fragile Southern Ocean for oil and gas on a staggering scale after Antarctica’s mining ban formally entered into force more than two decades ago. Read the full story

Making heaven in a lab: Scientists solve aurora mystery

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit

Aurora Alaska
Electrons are living their best lives as they barrel through the magnetosphere at speeds up to 20,000 km/s. Source: Daily Maverick

Wave-driven electrons prove key to celestial light show’s stunning signature over poles. Read the full story

Exclusive: ‘Young people are in big trouble’ if the future is gas — James Hansen, father of climate change awareness

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit

James Hansen Tiara-January-27-main-option-3
Hansen is a proponent of modular fourth-generation nuclear power. Source: Daily Maverick

A Russian LNG mission has congratulated itself on smashing through the melting Arctic for the first time in January, raising temperatures within the science community. Read the full story

Breaking: For the first time in an Arctic winter, commercial vessels traverse Far North from opposite sides

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit

Container ship in the sea at winter time
The shipping demonstration — entirely without ice-breaking help — marks a watershed moment in climate politics. Source: Daily Maverick

Gas tankers meet at New Siberian Islands in a historic Russian test voyage, as polar mercury hits record highs. Read the full story

‘Red Seas’ of Mars: discovery of polar ‘salt lakes’ shifts planetary frontiers

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit

The bombshell detection of a stable patchwork of liquid-water bodies tips our knowledge of Mars into new and exciting territory. Source: Daily Maverick

Beneath the Martian south pole lurks a network of liquid-water bodies, hailed as a breakthrough insight into our sister world – and maybe even life beyond Earth. Read the full story

Antarctica: A mysterious continent filled with teeming life in need of our protection

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit

Ahlmannryggen, Queen Maud Land
The Ahlmanryggen of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Photo: Tiara Walters

A major conservation study on Antarctica urges polar powers to stop, collaborate and listen — but will resource-hungry governments care enough about seals, penguins and whales to do so? Read the full story

Historic climate expedition shatters polar records

For Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet unit, with the Alfred Wegener Institute

The icebreakers Polarstern (Germany) and Kapitan Dranitsyn (Russia) on the Arctic ice for the multi-country, year-long MOSAiC polar expedition. Photo: Ernst Stürmer

Taking its blueprint from Fridtjof Nansen’s ‘Arctic Drift’ mission 130 years ago, a new quest for science ventures farther north in winter than ever before. Read the full story

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