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Carlos Amato: political cartoonist




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THE NEW YORK TIMES: ‘Pangolins are suspected as a potential coronavirus host’

SPRINGER NATURE & MORE: More than 135 academic journals have cited the data first published in my global interest investigation on the links between pangolins and Covid-19 several days before it was posted to preprint biology server bioRxiv. Featuring interviews with the researchers, this story was co-written with colleague Don Pinnock.  The globally tracked high-impact research output can be viewed here.

THE NEW YORKER: ‘Did pangolin trafficking cause the coronavirus pandemic?’ – A David Quammen analysis

LE MONDE: ‘Coronavirus: le pangolin a-t-il pu servir d’hôte intermédiaire?’

WIRED: ‘Bats, snakes or pangolins? Inside the hunt for the animal behind the coronavirus outbreak’



PBS: America’s largest public media enterprise republished, in full, my latest Daily Maverick investigation on Russian dual-use geological activities in Antarctica. This work reveals, for the first time, that Kremlin actors have not stopped scouring the climate-threatened Southern Ocean for fossil fuels on a staggering scale since Antarctica’s 1998 mining ban kicked in.

COVERING CLIMATE NOW: This global Guardian/The Nation/Columbia Journalism Review/WNYC climate-media partnership profiled my Battleground Antarctica investigative series alongside ‘Postcards from a world on fire’ by the New York Times. 







Standard Bank/Sikuvile South African investigative journalist of the year – Shortlisted, 2022.

Environmental Journalist of the Year Award – South African National Parks

Gourmand 2020 World Cookbook Awards: Entertainment Duinhuis (Human & Rousseau). I was the editor on this project.

Gourmand 2020 World Cookbook Awards: African (3rd) Food Stories: With Love from the Twins (NB Publishers). I was the editor on this project.



I am often invited by independent broadcast, digital and print media to speak about my breaking-news investigations. Here are interview highlights since 2019.

Tiara raison d'etre 2


AFTERNOON DRIVE WITH PIPPA HUDSON: Battleground Antarctica investigative series

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WORLD CLEANUP DAY: Investigative journalism decries the destruction of our planet

THE BRUCE WHITFIELD ‘MONEY’ SHOW: Battleground Antarctica investigative series

AFTERNOON DRIVE WITH JOHN MAYTHAM: Battleground Antarctica investigative series

AFTERNOON DRIVE WITH JOHN MAYTHAM: ‘Table Mountain is now classified as a struggling park,’ says SANParks

AFTERNOON DRIVE WITH JOHN MAYTHAM: Pyrocene Cape – Inside the furnace of Table Mountain’s fire starters

NEWZROOM AFRIKA: China bans sale of wildlife for food

CAPETALK/702: Uncovering the climate causes behind Australia’s wildfires

SMILE 90.4FM: On We Have a Game Changer and the team who kept digging into stories, despite death threats and empty bank accounts

CAPETALK/702: CITES Rhino Files: Death or glory for species on the bandwagon?

CAPETALK/702: Be mindful before you rush out this Black Friday

Interview with John GI Clarke: Tiara and the Trinitarian Tree